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松本市 サウナ
松本市 サウナ

Fully reserved private sauna

Of course self-roasting, water bath, outdoor air bath

You can fully enjoy Nagano by taking a walk in the rich nature of Kamikochi and climbing the Northern Alps as a set​.

non-hotel guests,It is OK to use only the saunais!



With the Alps seen from Matsumoto Castle on your back

With family, friends and loved ones in the spacious room

Lie down with your legs stretched out while enjoying conversation

While listening to your favorite music, you can have a conversation with yourself that you cannot normally do.

Private sauna where all of this comes true​

water bath

A water bath is 15 steps away from the sauna room.

(some distance away)

If you turn on the faucet, it comes from the water source where the water from the melted snow accumulates.

You can drink the water as it is

outside air bath

There is a safe roof even if it rains.

​There are outdoor tatami mats in the open-air bath.

If you let gravity take over and lie down, the clear air of ShinshuYou can take it all over your body.

Changing room/shower room

​ Dryer, various soaps, lotion, emulsion, cleansing
​There is a dehydrator.

松本市にあるゲストハウスしましま。プライベートサウナ 新島々駅から徒歩2分 上高地玄関口にあるゲストハウス 松本名物山賊焼の食堂もあります

​ Fee

1 or 2 people (Weekdays 8,000 yen)

3 people (Weekdays 12,000 yen)

4 people (16,000 yen on weekdays) (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays  18,000 yen)

5 people (20,000 yen on weekdays) (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays  22,500 yen)

6 people (24,000 yen on weekdays) (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays  27,000 yen)

Hotel guest discount: 1,000 yen discount per group

*For those who are considering a reservation for 5 or 6 people
The sauna room may feel a little cramped, but it is recommended for those who want to enter with friends.
Changing rooms and spaces are limited, and depending on the situation, it is possible to change clothes in a separate room.
Please note that there are two shower rooms, so you may have to wait in line.

​2 hours charter system

❶ 10:00〜12:00

❷ 12:30〜14:30

❸ 15:00〜17:00

❹ 17:30〜19:30

❺ 20:00〜22:00


​■ Finnish-style wood stove sauna (wearing a swimsuit)

■ Celluloury OK

■ Outdoor water bath

​■ Open-air bath (you can lie on tatami mats on the outdoor deck)

■ Shower room ・Hairdryer

■ Shampoo, conditioner, body soap

■ Men's and women's changing rooms

■ Bath towels and sauna mats for the number of people

​■ Service drinks for the number of people

松本市にあるゲストハウスしましま。プライベートサウナ 新島々駅から徒歩2分 上高地玄関口にあるゲストハウス 松本名物山賊焼の食堂もあります
松本市にあるゲストハウスしましま。プライベートサウナ 新島々駅から徒歩2分 上高地玄関口にあるゲストハウス 松本名物山賊焼の食堂もあります
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