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​About us

松本市にあるゲストハウスしましま。プライベートサウナ 新島々駅から徒歩2分 上高地玄関口にあるゲストハウス 松本名物山賊焼の食堂もあります

Opened May 26, 2017

We renovated a guest house that was vacant 50 years ago.

From downtown Matsumoto30 minutes by train

It will be a distant placeGateway to Kamikochi

2 minutes on foot from Shinshimashima Station/Bus Terminal

convenience store·1 minute walk

Climbing the Northern AlpsKamikochi sightseeing etc.

Please enjoy the nature of Nagano.

Guesthouse Shimashima


Guesthouse Shimashima is located a little far from downtown Matsumoto.

​ Provides information on nearby hot springs and restaurants. ​


松本市にあるゲストハウスしましま。プライベートサウナ 新島々駅から徒歩2分 上高地玄関口にあるゲストハウス 松本名物山賊焼の食堂もあります

Owner Kosuke Nakajima

November 11, 1994 Born in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

Hobbies: I love saunas, fishing, craft beer, and the outdoors.

After working as an office worker for two years,first time staying at a guesthouse

I was impressed by such a space where age, gender, nationality, etc. can be flat.

I want to make a guest house by myself, friends and family,

We were able to open with the help of the locals.

Exchange travel information with other customers

We aim to be a guest house where wonderful encounters are born.

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