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​ train

Matsumoto Station Platform 7/Matsumoto Electric Railway Kamikochi Line

Matsumoto Station - Shin-Shimashima Station (40 minutes)

2 minute walk from Shinshimashima Station

​ Chuo Expressway Matsumoto IC Kamikochi area 20 minutes

​Bicycles can be stored in your room or inside the hotel.


Near the entrance of the inn (with roof)
You can park your car in the parking lot

​parking lot

​The parking lot is across the road

松本市にあるゲストハウスしましま。プライベートサウナ 新島々駅から徒歩2分 上高地玄関口にあるゲストハウス 松本名物山賊焼の食堂もあります

​ Guesthouse Shimashima

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